Social Media Week Chicago Registration Opens Today

I am super sad to be missing Social Media Week in Chicago this year, especially because Zocalo Group (the agency where I work) is co-hosting with the Chicago Tribune! (And yes, I realize I’m lucky to have a job that I enjoy so much I’m actually sad to be going on vacation.) Nevertheless, I’ll be attempting to climb Machu Picchu when the conference takes place,  Sept. 19 – 23.

Social Media Week is an event that happens worldwide twice a year. During the designated week, various cities around the globe host panels about the most relevant social media topics. Here is just a small sampling of the scope of topics being covered this year:

  • How to use LinkedIn for your career
  • Social media for small businesses
  • Dining social: Facebook and Twitter for chefs, foodies & restauranteurs
  • How to manage your online reputation
  • Social media for social activism
  • Improvised innovation (featuring Second City)
  • The politics of social media
  • 1001 tricks to becoming a great blogger
  • An overview of FTC Disclosure Rules as applied to social media
Oh, and also some really cool parties! Let’s just say Billy Dec is on the advisory board for Social Media Week in Chicago, so you know it’s going to be fun.
Here’s the best part about Social Media Week – it’s free. But you do have to register for the panels you’d like to attend. Registration opens TODAY, so head on over to the website to make sure you get a spot in the events you’re most interested in.
And stay up to date on the latest news around Social Media Week in any of the following ways:

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