Southern Style dinner

Had to include the iron again!

I finally got a new set of dinner plates, plus a slow cooker, so hosting a southern style dinner was the natural first step! Surprisingly, I didn’t run out to KFC to grab some fried chicken. Actually, fried chicken wasn’t even on the menu. I decided to be ambitious and have the main course be fried catfish.

Besides a little snafu where I mildly electrocuted myself, I’d say things went pretty well!

The menu:

  • Cornbread (thanks, Mindy)
  • Dirty rice (aka rice with sausage & other stuff, courtesy of Andrea)
  • Cheddar & jalapeno grits (a la Frances)
  • Fried corn (Daniela’s concoction)
  • Mashed sweet potatoes
  • Classic Southern Coleslaw – which, of course I forgot to put out on the table, so no one got to try it except when I pulled it out at the very end of the night and made everyone grab a fork and at least take a bite
  • Pork chops – slow cooked with gravy in my new slow cooker
  • Fried catfish – which I gave up on halfway and made Andrea finish cooking
  • Mac & cheese – mine ended up “cajun style” (aka burned), but luckily Georgia came with a dish of this as well!

And of course there was sweet tea. And sweet tea vodka. And wine. And beer. And Andrea’s specialty cocktail.

Thanks to Frances, who was the only one to actually snap a photo of all the food!

The tunes: no party is complete to me unless the atmosphere is right. That means great friends, plenty of alcohol and the perfect playlist! Admittedly, I didn’t quite have enough time to refine the playlist completely, but here are some selections

  • Ray Charles – I’ve Got a Woman, George on My Mind, Hit the Road Jack
  • Al Green
  • The Isley Brothers – Make Me Say It Again, Contagious
  • Stevie Wonder – Lately
  • Otis Redding – I’ve Got Dreams to Remember, I’ve Been Loving You Too Long, These Arms of Mine

Be on the lookout for the next themed dinner party soon!


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