Trampoline Dodgeball

Photo courtesy of Sky High Sports in Niles

Yes, such a thing exists. And it’s exactly what it sounds like – you play dodgeball on trampolines. We headed over to Sky High Sports in Niles for their first tournament and I picked up some valuable tips for any aspiring trampoline dodgeball athletes. I think these will be going on monthly, so check out the website or Facebook page for more details!

What NOT to do:

  • Do not eat Wendy’s right before going to play. You can draw your own conclusions here.
  • Do not wear jeans and a t-shirt. Apparently that is not acceptable attire, since I was the only one in jeans in the entire building. It looked like I randomly stumbled into the venue and decided to play.
  • Do not have your mouth open when you jump into the foam pit.

What TO do:

  • Do hide in the corner. This will keep people from targeting you for awhile, and you’ll stay in the game longer.
  • Do jump around a lot while playing. This also helps avoid getting hit.
  • Do drink lots of water. Jumping on a trampoline is incredibly exhausting. My lungs were burning within minutes.
  • Do wear a sweat band.
What NOT to wear to trampoline dodgeball
What to wear: sweat pants, t-shirt, crazy socks.


We didn’t win the tournament. We didn’t even win a single match. There were minor injuries. But we did have an awesome high five!


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