February: Traveling

The February theme in my 2012 Paulo Coelho planner is traveling. I don’t know yet if my February journey will be literal or figurative, but I do know I kicked off the month with a little relaxing trip to Michigan, and I also know that my birthday is coming up. So…could go either way.

Regardless, I can’t help but draw inspiration from one of the quotes featured this month, from my favorite book, The Alchemist:

“When you go in search of your Personal Legend, the whole Universe tries to ensure that you get what you want.”

– The Alchemist

The theme of traveling & a journey also reminds me of another quote that has stuck in my head: “Ni un paso atras, ni para coger impulso.” So my February goal is to keep moving forward and not lose momentum. And to throw in a little impulsion (impulsiveness?) along the way while I’m at it.


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