Happy Valentine’s Day

I’m not really a mushy person, and it’s really hard for me not to slip into my typical sarcastic wit (which I think is quite charming) even though I actually have a Valentine! But I will attempt to keep things short & sweet.

Thank you to my Valentine, Adam, for completely surprising me with these beautiful flowers at work today!

My crappy photo really doesn't do these beautiful orchids justice!

Let’s just hope I don’t kill these like I pretty much have all the other plants in my office. 

Also, if you’re still in need of a card for your Valentine, check out SomeEcards.com. By far my favorite site for any occassion.


  1. What a great gift and a real change in gear from the more mundane roses, they won’t look odd around your house tomorrow 🙂

    Great find, consider yourself one of the lucky ones today

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