Great finds at the Antique & Resale Shoppe

A cool fortune teller ring I got from the shoppe

I love antiques and vintage stuff, and ever since I moved to Ravenswood, I’ve been trolling the shops and boutiques filled with old typewriters, vintage housewares and more. And let’s not forget I bought a heavy-ass antique iron in Cusco and dragged it back here from Peru. I had noticed an antique shop near my mom’s house in Niles awhile back, but never ventured in until I ran across it in one of the Chicago magazines.

This past weekend, I finally stopped in to check out the Antique and Resale Shoppe, which is by Harlem & Touhy on the northwest side (conveniently located across the street from Wendy’s). The first thing I saw when I walked in was a woman in an old-school white night gown, with white cream all over her face, smeared lipstick, a cigarette holder and a bloody mary. As I inched in, I noticed all the ladies on staff were wearing night gowns and was greeted with the exclamation that they were having a pajama party. I thought to myself, “Either this a bunch of fun-loving gals, or they’ve had one too many bloody marys.” Either way, I was not dressed for the occasion.

Regardless, I loved checking out the vintage jewelry and antique treasures that line every available inch of shelf space inside the shop. There are countless displays of jewelry in every style and color, cute scarves, vintage postcards, old-school handkerchiefs, men’s items, purses, hats, Victorian lingerie and housewares.

Plus, they play the best music from back in the day. It was music that sounded like it was coming straight from an old record player – which it may very well have been playing on. It made you feel like you were in a black and white movie.

Between the quaint shop, the lively ladies, the awesome selection of vintage finds and the feeling that this was truly a labor of love for the local business owners, I am in love with A&R Shoppe! I hear they have a fresh load of unique hats just in time for Easter &  the Kentucky Derby, so check them out soon!

This was the lovely hostess who greeted me as I walked in. Shout out to Jules, who was kind enough to let me use this photo!


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