Brandy and Bridget Kelly come to Chicago

brandy at the venue horseshoe casino hammond

I had the chance to see Brandy and Bridget Kelly in concert at The Venue at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond (Indiana) this past weekend, so I had to take advantage.

First of all, I was curious to check out the casino. I set foot in a casino and actually gambled for the first time ever (slots) this past summer, so casinos are still kind of new to me. After getting off at the wrong exit (thank you, Adam) and driving through some of Indiana’s more deserted streets, we finally found our way. It was kind of exciting to have to drive over a bridge to reach this island of flashing lights, and I wish I could have enjoyed the prime lakefront location during the day.

Second, Bridget Kelly is a talented lady. I feel like she makes a strong impression on anyone who sees or meets her. She’s just very down to earth and the girl can sang. Her upcoming album is one of the most-anticipated R&B releases of 2013, and she even sings Empire State of Mind with Jay Z when Alicia isn’t available. Check out her current single, Special Delivery

Lastly, it was pretty fun to see Brandy perform. She sang so many of her old jams, and yes, I sang along. From Baby to I Wanna Be Down to Sitting Up In My Room, she pretty much performed all the songs I wanted to hear from her. She even did some dance moves and broke it down at the end, to the excitement of the crowd.

There was one song she finished with, which I wasn’t familiar with but which caught my ear right away. Then, driving home last night I heard it on WGCI’s Whispers in the Dark, so I’m assuming it’s her new single. I am really loving this song – it’s called Wildest Dreams.

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