Has Beens & Wannabes at the Zhou B Art Center

zhou b art center 3rd fridays

Last month, I finally checked out the Zhou B Art Center during its 3rd Fridays open house event and launch of the Has Beens & Wannabes street art exhibit. I’ve been hearing about several events at the center the past six months, and am still kicking myself for missing a Hebru Brantley exhibit last summer. But I read about an opening reception for Mario Gonzalez Jr.’s Style Bombing exhibit at the center’s 33 Contemporary Gallery, and decided to make the trip.

The 33 Contemporary Gallery sits at the back of the art center on the first floor and showcased Gonzalez’s work. I really liked his use of reclaimed wood panels, and my favorite piece was made of an old “door scrap.” Gonzalez also actually curated the Has Beens & Wannabees exhibit, which featured a variety of street artists from the 80s and 90s. I really love urban art, and the entire exhibit was just very lively and energetic. Plus, I love that big exhibition space the center features on the first floor.

A street art piece in Gonzalez's Hasbeens & Wannabees exhibit
A street art piece in Gonzalez’s Hasbeens & Wannabees exhibit

As an added bonus, the center’s 3rd Fridays open studios were taking place the evening I went, so we had a chance to walk through the entire building and check out several artist spaces. My find of the night (ok, technically my mom found her studio) was Corinna Button. This painter and printmaker had some gorgeous pieces. They were rich and a little dark and seductive and extravagant. I almost snatched up a small painting she had up on the wall, and would love to save up and invest in one of her larger pieces. Something about some of the women in her paintings, with their voluptuous eyes and mouths, reminded me of this Polish children’s book I used to have, Pchła Szachrajka, about a flea.

Corinna Button's studio at the Zhou B Art Center
Corinna Button’s studio at the Zhou B Art Center
Smaller paintings in Corinna Button's studio
Smaller paintings in Corinna Button’s studio
Two of Corinna Button's larger paintings
Two of Corinna Button’s larger paintings

Tonight is the last night for the Has Beens and Wannabees exhibit, so I definitely recommend checking it out. Also, next Friday is the next 3rd Friday open studios event, so you know where to find me!

My mom in front of a huge piece in the Zhou B Art Center's main gallery
My mom in front of a huge piece in the Zhou B Art Center’s main gallery

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