Spring Traditions

How cute are those little radishes?
How cute are those little radishes?

Ok, confession – this isn’t a post about spring. It’s actually a post about Easter (as you may have guessed from the photo), but as usual, I’m so behind that I don’t want to put that in the title.

Although for a period of time I had annual emotional breakdowns during Easter (not anything related to the day, it was usually boy troubles), I actually do like the holiday, mainly because of the traditions my family maintains. Being the first generation of my Polish family born in the U.S. I feel an obligation and a desire to keep at least some of my cultural traditions going, so I could in turn pass them along when I have a family of my own.

Easter is one of those traditions for me. I still decorate Easter eggs every year and place them in the same basket I used as a child. And while I run to Walgreens for the basic egg dyes, my mom always makes hers in onion peels. Then, the Saturday before Easter we always head to a Polish church in Chicago (lately it’s been Holy Trinity on Division, but when I was little we went to St. Hyacinth Basilica by Milwaukee & Central Park) to get the eggs blessed. Sunday it’s brunch at my mom’s, with items from the Polish deli like ham, sausage, pasztet (pate) and ogórki kiszone (dill pickles).

What are your spring traditions?

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