Compass to Care Networking Nights

compass to care Networking Nights

I’d been interested in getting involved in a non-profit board, so when my best friend’s husband mentioned an opening on the associates board for Compass to Care, I jumped at the chance.

Compass to Care is a relatively young non-profit that has been doing great things over the past three years. The organization’s sole mission is to ensure under-served families can access life-saving cancer treatment for their children. As you might guess, getting to a hospital for long-term treatments is a huge financial burden for families. They have to arrange for transportation and lodging, plus parents are often unable to work during these situations, which affects their income. Having seen how crushing medical bills can be, I can appreciate what an important role Compass to Care pays.

So basically, Compass to Care schedules and pays for travel arrangements to the hospital where a child is being treated for cancer. The organization helps families give their child the best chance to beat this devastating disease, regardless of their financial situation. You can learn more about the organization here:

OR…you can attend our first Networking Nights event! To raise awareness for Compass to Care among young professionals, we’re hosting a networking event on Thursday, Dec. 12 at D’Agostino’s Pizza & Pub in Wrigleyville. Your $25 donation gets you all-you-can-eat pizza, salad and wings, PLUS domestic bottled beer. It’s a great event for a great cause, so I hope you can join us! Purchase your tickets here:

  • WHAT: Compass to Care Networking Night – $25 donation
  • WHEN: Thursday, Dec. 12 from 6-9 pm
  • WHERE: D’Agostino’s Pizza & Pub, 1351 W. Addison St. (right by Southport and walking distance from the Southport Brown Line or Addison Red Line stops)
  • WHY: To raise awareness for Compass to Care and its mission, and to meet other young professionals in the city!

RSVP on Facebook today & help us spread the word!


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