Fall Colors Part 1: University of Chicago

The other weekend, Daniela and Phil stopped by and made me cook them a 2 pm breakfast. But that was only so we’d have the energy for our fall colors drive to the University of Chicago campus in Hyde Park.

University of Chicago is one of my favorite places in the city. First of all, it’s still my dream school (one day). Second, the campus is so old school, surrounded by old buildings covered in ivy, so full of details. Third, I’m kind of digging Hyde Park.

It was a fall chilly day, and the fading sunlight created an atmosphere perfect for some horror movie set on a college campus.

As you walk towards the other end of the main quad, you’ll see pathways to explore other parts of the campus. There are so many details adorning the buildings. Look up to see carved gargoyles, notice the open hallway on the second floor, admire the ornate doors, check out the old iron fire escapes, find the hidden pond filled with koi fish.

And of course the fall colors didn’t disappoint. I love seeing the trees, leaves and ivy change colors throughout the campus.

As we drove back towards Lake Shore Drive on 57th, we made an impromptu stop at a really cool underground bookstore, 57th Street Books. By underground, I mean it was literally underground. And what at first appeared to be a small shop turned out to be a huge labyrinth of five rooms all filled with books. I could literally spend hours there. I wonder if I could live in Hyde Park?

The drive back up LSD was gorgeous – I don’t often see the skyline from the south side, and the view of those skyscrapers in the setting sun was amazing. The south shore also has some great lakefront stops and beaches. I’ll definitely have to check those out soon!


      • I’d post you a link but I’m on mobile, but check it out on google! theres a flock of African parakeets that live in a small pocket of hyde park since the 60’s, supposedly its easier to spot them in the winter after the leaves fall off. Theres a lot of stories but nobody knows how they got there or why they stay and ive always wanted to see them haha

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