Tus Soni2: Los Hollywood, Troker & Pommez Internacional

Friday I headed to Subterranean to catch the last night of the Tus Soni2 Indie Latin Music Concert Series. I was especially excited to see Los Hollywood headline after learning about them from my co-worker, but also enjoyed catching the two opening acts – Troker and Pommez Internacional.

First things first – Los Hollywood. I’d describe them as a Latin version of No Doubt, which I consider to be a huge compliment. The lead singer Heidi, is like the Latina Gwen Stefani (who I wish I could be, so that’s a huge honor). She’s gorgeous and punk rock and vintage and has an amazing voice. Let’s just say she was dressed in a tulle skirt, tank top and boots, and plays the bass. I’m obsessed with their song, “No Me Aguites.”

The opening act was Troker, a jazz band with a definite rock edge. Up front were two guys playing trumpet and saxophone, plus they had a ridiculously talented keyboard player, a drummer and even a DJ. They totally rocked the Tus Soni2 stage. I don’t think listening to their music recorded really does them justice.

My favorite song of their’s by far was the blues-y Chapala Blues.

Lastly, Pommez Internacional took the stage. This group of guys from Argentina are super cute and have this rock electronic vibe going. They just performed at SXSW this year and are wrapping up their US tour. You can download their album for free here.

With the lead singer of Pommez Internacional
With the lead singer of Pommez Internacional

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