RECAP: Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Day 4 – Red Dot Fair, Art Miami & Context


My last day at Art Basel in Miami Beach, I headed to the Wynwood neighborhood to check out yet more satellite fairs, including the Red Dot Fair, Context and Art Miami. I was about to say these were some of my favorite shows, but then I realize I’ve been saying that about almost every one. In reality, my entire trip was filled with provocative, attention-grabbing, thought-provoking art, entertaining and impressive art.

But these three last fairs definitely didn’t disappoint.

The Red Dot Fair was a relatively smaller show and pretty low key, but it stands out in my mind because I had the most fun conversations with galleries and dealers there. Three sculptures greeted you as you walked towards the tent, including two really cool wooden sculptures inspired by Alice in Wonderland (I’m assuming).

Inside, there was just a really diverse display of galleries. I especially enjoyed meeting the people from castle fitzjohns gallery in New York, who were featuring pieces from Alex Yanes, who I first discovered on Instagram, and other artists like Sam Tufnell, whose gummy bear-looking gnomes invited me over in the first place.

Sam Tufnell's gummy gnomes
Sam Tufnell’s gummy gnomes
Another gallery at the Red Dot Fair. I a just obsessed with the painting on the bottom that looks like a scribbled puppy wearing a Santa hat.
Another gallery at the Red Dot Fair. I a just obsessed with the painting on the bottom that looks like a scribbled puppy wearing a Santa hat.

After the Red Dot Fair, I headed down the street to two massive tents connected by an outdoor courtyard that made up the Context and Art Miami fairs. I really don’t know how to sum up these two fairs because there was just SO MUCH to see. So I’ll just share a bunch of random art that caught my eye.

There were animal-inspired pieces…

Photography, including this amazing photo titled “First Generation Super Hero” by Cristobal Valecillos

I am loving Armando Romero’s paintings with “stickers, scribbles, and other out-of-place items” over them…

Of course many disruptive pieces and installations that stood out…

Too many amazing paintings I’d love to hang on my wall…

I’m still digging the neon, especially in these pieces by Thrush Holmes

Lastly, I had to snap a pic of this Roy Lichtenstein painting that inspired my Halloween costume last year!

Ultimately, I didn’t buy any actual art during my trip to Miami (maybe next year), but I did come home with the best kind of souvenirs…free ones!

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