OOTD: Miami printed pants

ootd printed pants

If you thought my first OOTD post had some crazy pants, I’m really upping the ante now. I love me some printed pants, and this pair caught my eye when I was in Miami this past spring. To be honest, if they weren’t featured on the store mannequin, I probably wouldn’t have looked at them twice, but I really love the print and the extreme flair. And the neon yellow-green, which is quickly becoming my signature color. Bonus – they’re super stretchy and comfortable.

Luckily, I just happened to have a yellow-green shirt to match.


Of course, I needed some serious platform sandals to pull off the look, so I grabbed a pair I got in Vegas when I made an impromptu road trip there from LA and had nothing to wear. Yes, my life is so hard sometimes.

ootd pink gold wedge platform sandals

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