OOTD: Frida Kahlo & Simon Bolivar at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Last week, I met up with some friends at the Museum of Contemporary Art for its weekly Tuesdays on the Terrace event.

I wanted to look stylish, but I also wanted to be comfortable so I could lounge outside on the museum lawn. I brought out my safari pants again, and paired them with a tank top featuring a silhouette of Simon Bolivar. I actually found that shirt at the MALI art museum in Lima, Peru a couple years ago. Quick history lesson: Simon Bolivar is one of the most influential politicians in Latin American history, having helped Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia achieve independence.

Walking through the museum, I also noticed an exhibit inspired by Frida Kahlo that attracted my attention. Unbound: Contemporary Art After Frida Kahlo, is an interesting look at her legacy and how her work has influenced artists to portray issues like gender, national identity, politics and “the absent or traumatized body.” The exhibit features two works from Kahlo herself, and a variety of works from other artists reflecting those topics.

You can catch the Kahlo exhibit through October 5, 2014 and check out Tuesdays on the Terrace every Tuesday through September 9, 2014.


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