Lolla weekend without the festival: Art Alliance, Shepard Fairey & Nas

art alliance chicago block 37 the provocateurs lollapalooza shepard fairey

The past couple years I’ve been on the fence about going to Lolla and haven’t ended up going. Each time, I have mixed emotions about missing the festival. When tickets go on sale, I debate if it’s worth dropping the money. Then, when I can see the festival outside my office window, I regret not being part of the energy that takes over downtown Chicago. But then I remember that I’m too old to be elbowing teenagers to get closer to the stage and drinking wine from a water bottle.

Regardless, this year, I got to experience at least a little bit of the festivities thanks to the Art Alliance, Shepard Fairey and Hennessy. I feel like Shepard Fairey took over Chicago during this year’s Lollapalooza festival. For a week straight, he seemed to be everywhere. The Thursday before the festival, I had the chance to attend a preview of the Art Alliance: The Provocateurs exhibit at Block 37, which he curated.

I really enjoyed the exhibit, and especially liked the works from D*FACE, Dzine, Ernesto Yerena Montejano, Deedee Cheriel, Swoon and of course Shepard Fairey

Also available at the event were special-edition prints from ten of the exhibiting artists, with just 200 prints of each. I got a print by Faile, a collaboration between two guys named Patrick in Brooklyn – a nice addition to my slowly-growing collection!

The following evening, I was back at Block 37 to see Nas perform at another Hennessy event. Although we had to stand for hours until Nas came on stage at 1:30 am, it was pretty much worth the wait. All throughout his 30-minute mini-set, he had a lot of energy and was in such a good mood, genuinely enjoying himself.


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