My summer 2014 playlist

Summer never really arrived in Chicago this year, and now it’s almost over. While my summer didn’t have much of a soundtrack, I have been getting into a few songs lately that I feel make a pretty upbeat playlist. Enjoy!

Hideaway by Kiesza
The beat is just so catchy. I’m digging the dance moves in the video, too.

Bailando by Enrique Iglesias
I’m obsessed with this song. It’s the perfect summer song – upbeat, a little tropical, solid hook.

Amazing video. And the lyrics are perfect to inspire a memorable, reckless, carefree summer.

Yes, this song has been everywhere, but that’s just because it’s. so. good. Nothing says summer like reggae.

Rather Be
I keep wondering if this is supposed to be a Christian song, but it’s all over mainstream radio, and the lyrics could pretty much go either way. After Google-ing them, seems they’re a classical group that is crossing over to the mainstream. Bonus – the video has cats (although the ending is kind of corny)!

Check out the expanded playlist here:

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