Field Trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum

A couple months ago (yes, I’m very behind on updating this blog), I had the chance to visit the Milwaukee Art Museum for a field trip organized by the Art Institute Evening Associates board. Although I’d been to Milwaukee before and driven past the museum a couple times, I’d never had the chance to actually visit it.

milwaukee art museum mam

The museum is truly impressive in appearance. The day we went, it was foggy, and the mist was rolling off Lake Michigan and surrounding the white wings of the museum. Rather than gloomy, it gave the day a mysterious vibe. The inside of the museum is equally striking, with high, geometric ceilings and an all-white design.

Our group headed out there for the museum’s Kandinsky: A Retrospective exhibit. I wasn’t super familiar with the artist, but what I did know gave me the impression his work might be a bit abstract for my taste. But seeing his entire body of work and having our guide explain how it evolved through the years really helped me understand the recurring themes and how some of his most recognizable works came into being. All that being said, I really did enjoy his earliest work, folk art-inspired work best. You can view a snapshot of his work through the years on the MAM website.

Milwaukee art museum guided tour
Our Kandinsky exhibit tour guide – exactly what I would expect from a guide

We didn’t have too much time to explore the rest of the museum’s collections, but during my brisk walk through the galleries, I saw some really cool pieces from Georgia O’Keefe, Alex Katz and other artists. I also discovered a new artist, Kees van Dongen, whose wide-eyed women and blue-green tones caught my attention (ok, and the black cat). One note – the museum is currently undergoing renovations, so check ahead which areas of the museum/galleries are open.

milwaukee art museum

milwaukee art museum

Afterwards, we walked over to Harbor House, also right on the Lake Michigan shoreline, for an amazing lunch. You can’t really beat a menu designed specially for your group! And the walls of windows provided stunning views of the museum as it drifted through the fog. It’s definitely the perfect spot for lunch or dinner after visiting the museum.

Harbor house milwaukee art museum menu

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