A visit to the Roger Brown Study Collection

roger brown study collectionOur Evening Associates board of directors had a chance to visit the Roger Brown Study Collection, and it really inspired me to pursue my own collection. Based on my extensive research (on Wikipedia), Chicago has a collecting sensibility, and I can definitely tune into that. I know some people might look at shelves of items and call it clutter, but I love seeing so many eclectic objects side by side.

We started off with a presentation of Brown’s work, whose paintings often included commentary on various social and political topics. His paintings were interesting, but I really loved exploring the collection. Check out the website for more info on the collection and how to set up your own visit.

The building also has a lovely courtyard out back, leading to the garage with a vintage car and more items from the collection.

robert brown study collection

roger brown study collection chicago art

roger brown study collection chicago art

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