Chicago’s Underground Donut Tour

underground donut tour chicago

Don’t call it a doughnut. My co-worker, Jeff Woelker, has long been the donut guru at Zocalo Group. Now he’s bringing his love for donuts to the rest of the city with the Underground Donut Tour. Β Join him for a two-hour tour of the four best donut shops in the city. Tickets are $25 and you can get your tickets here.

My favorite discovery during the tour was Beaver’s Donuts, located at the French Market at Ogilvy train station. I loved that their mini donuts are the perfect bite size. And they have an old-school machine that’s basically a lazy river for donuts (clearly I wasn’t actually paying attention to the commentary during the tour, otherwise I might know what to actually call the machine).

chicago underground donut tour





  1. Thanks for the post! Me and my family are donut connoisseur’s – we’ll hopefully get a chance to check him out in September or October for a tour! Thanks!!

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