Try the World

As I was scrolling down my Facebook feed, I was hit by an ad for Try the World, an “exotic food subscription.” They were having a promotion, so I figured I’d sign up and give it a try. Basically, every two months they send out a box of local delicacies from a different country. It sounded like a great way to experience a piece of the world, one bite at a time.

try the world exotic food subscription paris france box

The first month was France – obviously that was going to be a hit. My box of French delicacies included lavender honey, fig jam, sweets, sea salt, tea and more. These proved to be the perfect ingredients for a light, Parisian-inspired breakfast on my patio. I also love that the box includes a small booklet on the featured country, highlighting not only the products and recipes, but also suggested songs and movies to really immerse yourself in the culture.

try the world exotic food subscription paris france box

The French box was a good first one, but my next package arrived and features products from Japan. That will definitely take me out of my comfort zone! (And that’s the point.)

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