Heading to Spain right meow

Sitting in the airport, getting ready for my 15 hour trip to Spain! First up, a layover in Coppenhagen. A 5 hour layover in Coppenhagen. I saw on the news this morning that Mayor Daley is also headed to Coppenhagen today. Haven’t spotted him yet, so I doubt he’s on our flight. Then again, how many flights to Coppenhagen can there be in one day?

Anyways, as we were waiting to pass through security, a lady ahead of us was travelling with a cat. And she had to take the poor cat out of his carrier to carry him through the metal detector! I guess its better than sending him down the conveyor belt into the xray machine. The saddest part is, when she took him out of the carrier it was a black cat! Othello!!! I miss you already.

Is it bad that I cried when I said goodbye to my cat, but didn’t shed a tear saying bye to my brother? Oops…

P.S. Don’t worry, I love you misiu!

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