A SASsy Plane Ride

I had the pleasure of flying SAS airlines to get to Coppenhagen en route to Barcelona. A few interesting points about our SAS flight:

  • The radio playlist, where R Kelly´s “You Remind Me” was lsted on  the Love Songs channel. Alongside Celine Dion´s “My Heart Will Go On”
  • The old school instructional video with the American Indian-looking guy carefully placing his cigarettes in the pocket of his jeans jacket when the No Smoking sign comes on. Oh and the rule, that for some reason needed to be explicitly stated: “There is no sleeping on the floor.” Damnit, my plan was foiled!
  • The front of the plane camera, which shows you the view from the front of the plane (duh). Not sure about having that feature available during night flights. Somehow, it´s not at all calming to see us plunging straight into a pitch black abyss.

Other than that, apparently sleep is a defense/coping mechanism for me, since as soon as we took off, I was knocked out. Literally, the last thing I remember was the plane going up into the air and I was done. At least I had some interesting dreams. In one, we arrive in Coppenhagen and it is beautiful – but beautiful like in a fairy tale. Blue, sunny skies, flowers, green grass, horses gallopping around, the works. Coppenhagen has a lot to live up to!

No so interesting was waking up to my neighbor´s elbow in my face.

On a sidenote, I just remembered this game Mindy, the gals and I played on the plan ride to Germany/Austria during our high school orchestra Europe trip. It was a little game called ¨turbulence,” and from what I remember, it required the important skill of clearly writing while being shaken.

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